I’ve been working on some updates – interviews, photos, flyers, etc. – but, they are not ready, yet. They should be up in the next work or so.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting to announce for months – the track list for the compilation album.

The tracks are listed in alphabetical order by band. Actual sequencing for the set is under way.

Detroit Punk Archive Presents “The End of the Night (1976-1983)” 

This two LP vinyl set features 28 songs including twelve previously unreleased tracks by Detroit first wave punk/new wave groups along with a cover photo by photographer Sue Rynski.

The 27 – “Walk on the Wire” (Live at Bookie’s Club 870) (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)


The Blind – “The Truth is Not Always Nice” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The Boners – “Do The Itch”

Cadillac Kidz – “Atomic Fazor” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

Cinecyde – “Phosphorous and Napalm”

Coldcock – “You”

Crayon Killers – “Callin’ Out” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The Cubes – “Rockin’ Right”

Cult Heroes – “Amerikan Story”

The Denizens – “Danger in Disneyland”

Flirt – “De-Generator”

The Ivories – “I’m Waiting” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

Mr Unique & the Leisure Class – “Young, Gifted and White”

The Mutants – “So American”

The Pathetx – “Walter Cronkite” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The Plugs – “I Like My Dad”

The Ramrods – “Nothin’ to Do in Detroit”

The Reruns – “So So Alone”

Retro – “U-Boat”

Route 666 – “Animal Bondage” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

R.U.R. – “Go Baby”

Rushlow-King Combo – “See You Later Perhaps”

The Seatbelts – “I Wanna Marry Patti Smith” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)


The Sillies – “Love You to Death”

The 3-D Invisibles – “Down at the Korova” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

The Traitors – “Money (That’s What I Want)” (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

Thank you to all the bands sharing tracks for this compilation. I can’t want for you to hear it!

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