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The Reruns in Spooee! #3 April 1979 (Courtesy of Kevin Knapp)

Taking their cue from television, and borrowing the last names of notable characters from 1950s/1960s shows, The Reruns were part of the Hamtramck scene and moved in the orbits of The Romantics and The Mutants with a power pop sensibility. The core of the band – Kenny Haskell (Kondrat), Al Phife and Dave Bodine (Uchalik) – had been friends since high school.

The Reruns put out two singles during their time as a band – the first in 1978 on The Romantics’s Spider Records label and the second a year later on The Mutants’s FTM Records.

The Reruns lasted a few years until Kondrat, Phife, and Uchalik went on to form another band – the long running polka-rock group The Polish Muslims in 1981.

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