Hope your 2023 was great! Here’s some fantastic Detroit music history news for you!

Windsorite Otto Buj’s documentary about the Detroit hardcore scene is coming out in January in a limited edition on Blu-Ray/DVD with extra photos and other materials.

“Dope, Hookers, and Pavement – The Real and Imagined History of Detroit Hardcore” tells the story of the creation of the hardcore punk scene in 1981 and 1982 as bands like Negative Approach, The Necros, and The Meatmen get their footing at the Freezer Theatre and at Windsor’s Coronation Tavern.

Learn more about the film here.

Pre-order the limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD here.

I often get asked about the Detroit Hardcore scene and why I haven’t added much of to this site. The reason is there are great historians doing that work like Otto and his film to Tony Rettman’s book. Also, there’s a generational difference between the two scenes and this project has been focused mainly on the scene that developed at Bookie’s Club 870 BEFORE the Detroit Hardcore scene happened. But, if you have an interest in connected aspects of the story between the Bookie’s era punks and the Hardcore scene there are a few places on this site where you can hear and read about it.

First: The main Bookie’s page (about halfway down) features part of an interview with Barry of The Necros about the differences between the scene. There are also flyers in the show listings on the page for hardcore shows. http://detroitpunkarchive.com/venues/bookies-club-870/

Second: Tesco Vee talked about creating Touch & Go with me at the Cranbrook Art Museum in 2018. http://detroitpunkarchive.com/media/touch-and-go/

Third: Frank Callis of L-Seven talks about the relationship between John Brannon (Negative Approach) & Larissa Stolarchuk (L-Seven) before they created the Laughing Hyenas together. http://detroitpunkarchive.com/bands/l-seven/

Fourth: After the Freezer had spun out, John and Larissa lived for a time in the Clutch Cargo’s (Women’s City Club) Building. Several people talk about that club and building here. http://detroitpunkarchive.com/venues/clutchcargos/

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