A big thank you to Detroit archivist TM Caldwell for the latest round of flyers. This update is mostly around the venue flyers with a few bands and shows thrown in.

Starting with DJ Twig flyers from his time at both Nunzio’s and Todd’s.

Bookie’s calendar cards for September 1980, January 1981, and May 1981; a flyer for Nash the Slash from February 1982; and an undated flyer for “The Alcove at Bookie’s”. If you have an idea on the date of the “Alcove” era (looks like 1987 or so), let me know.

Clutch Cargo’s update includes a March 10th, 1982 flyer from the Flamin’ Groovies.

Silver Bird update includes a March 23rd, 1980 flyer featuring The Sillies with the Dead Boys.

Hope summer is treating you well – stay cool.

– Rob St. Mary
Founder – Detroit Punk Archive




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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: JULY 24th, 2023

  1. I’m looking for bootlegs of the Rob Tyner band. I have the Muskegon and Saginaw 1978 shows already, but I’m specifically looking for ones where Brian Roscoe White was playing guitar. Hope someone in here can help.

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