When The Cubes started rolling in 1979 singer/organist Carolyn Striho was still in high school. But, she was already a stage veteran – creating an all-girl band around age 15 and, then about a year later, another group called Prong that played at venues like the Red Grape before the Bookie’s scene.

The Cubes released a 7-inch EP “Spaceheart” in 1979 followed by a split album with The Americatz in 1981. The band was also featured on “Detroit Defaces the 80s” and “Mandatory Music” compilations. All the released from The Cubes were on the Tremor Records label.

While in the band, and attending Wayne State University, Striho also worked at WDET helping out around the station as well as guest hosting programs like “Radios in Motion”, a show dedicated to new wave/punk music.

The Cubes often played with Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Striho says that’s where she met Patti Smith, but they wouldn’t be close until the 1990s when they went on to share the stage together.

Striho left the band in 1981 and was replaced by Tom Rossiter on vocals & keyboards. Striho went on to form Rough Cut, later renamed Detroit Energy Asylum following a lawsuit with an L.A. area group of the same name but with a different spelling. Striho continues to make music, performing locally and internationally.

Drummer Tony Bojanic is a member of The Seatbelts.

More on Striho’s current work can be found at www.carolynstriho.com

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  1. The Cubes did not break up when Striho left. Tom Rossiter joined on keyboards and vocals and they took on more of a new wave sound by replacing Striho’s Farfisa organ with Rossiter’s synthesizer. This version of The Cubes (sometimes billed as “The New Cubes”) were the ones who shared the LP with The Americatz.

    I tried to attach a 20kb jpg photo of the album cover but the website wouldn’t take it. Check the Discogs page linked below.

  2. You mention nothing about me going on to play with Jerry Vile & The Boners with Grammy winner Steve King on bass I also played with Bootsey X in both of his bands plus What Jane Shared? I was a founding member of Dark Carnival playing with numerous line ups ending with Ron & Scott Asheton and Niagara playing on 2 CD’s including Greatest Show In Detroit. I also played with Toxic Beat Syndrome and played with Circus Boy for 6 years with Skid Marx. We replaced Carolyn when she wanted to make Freddie Brooks our manager. Tom Rossiter & Al Sanchez formed Circuit Two and signed a deal with Electra putting out one album. Just thought you might want some more details. Thanks

    1. Gary – Thank you for the updates. I’m always adding new information all the time. If you would like to interview with me for the project, please feel free to reach out and I can add your stories to the site. THANKS!

  3. Memories of seeing the Cubes in Detroit in ’80 or ’81 prompted a web search for me & there they are! Watched a very high-energy performance by them opening for the Busboys, who we were really there to see. Great show, don’t remember the venue.

  4. Hi, I found pictures and other things in a garage in Lake City. I couldn’t find any info on the “Cubes” . So sorry, I threw that stuff away. Although I do still have in my possession. A UCA60 Videocassette, entitled The Cubes 9-17-81 copy. With the name Jayme Harper on it. And his address and phone number. I am gonna see if I can put it on a thumb drive. Or a DVD to actually see what is on it. If interested in Videocassette please contact me. Thanks Jerry Spencley Traverse City, MI.

  5. Hi, also on the video. It says Genimi Folk, A2 Astroids, Pyramids, and The Cubes. Any info on this? Thanks Jerry

  6. Hey, great to read about the Cubes. I played bass in the Cubes. Great stuff. Practicing in Gary’s basement was fantastic. We worked hard and had some fun too. Gary is an incredible musician, a real artist. I learned so much from that guy. First gig we opened for Ultravox at Bookies. 3 or 4 songs. I broke a string during the first song a switched to my Vox bass. Tough, but Ultravox (with John Fox) were smashing.
    I’ve been living in France painting and showing my work since 2004. Bojanic on drums was like playing with Keith Moon and Carolyn, a power house. Best to the band, thanks again. Gary does rock.

  7. Spent many nights hanging out with these guys during practicing sessions, crashing shows at St. Andrews Hall and chilling with Alan in his painting studio at CCS. These guys were forward thinkers and way ahead of their time.

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