Punk Rock Venues

Red Carpet Lounge

Red Carpet was one of the pre-Bookie’s venues that gave some nights to local non-cover band acts. A range

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Clutch Cargo’s

Clutch Cargo’s, named after the 1950s cartoon show – also referred by some as “The City Club” but not

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Some on the scene believed the club received its name due to the Polish immigrant owner who’s name may

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Punk Rock Bands


L-Seven was formed by ex-members of The Blind, Algebra Mothers, and Retro in 1980. The band’s sound was different

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Route 666

BIO (Written by Norman Westberg– member of Swans): “I met Charles (Bowen) at Bookie’s one night. We had a

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Sonic’s Rendezvous Band

Founded in Ann Arbor in 1975, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band featured members from four major Detroit bands of the late

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Media & News

Touch and Go

Started in Lansing in November 1979, Touch and Go was a xerox fanzine created by Tesco Vee, a pseudonym

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White Noise

Started originally as a ruse to get free drinks, records, and tickets, White Noise developed into a tabloid sized

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Started by Johnny Chamberlin in the late summer 1978, SPOOEE! was a rival Detroit punk paper to White Noise.

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Where you in a band in the scene? Did you book a bar? Did you remember some great shows? Have some photos, film, tapes, flyers or great stories to share? Get it touch and we’ll talk about adding your memories, stories, and artifacts to the Detroit Punk Archive.

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