The Plugs existed in some form as far back at 1976. The band was created out of friends of high school and summer camp friends as teenagers. The Plugs featured Michael Halloran on bass. At the time he was in the band, Halloran was also host of the WDET’s Radios in Motion program which featured bands and music from the scene as well as punk/new wave tracks.

The band released on single, “I Like My Dad” b/w “Donna”, in 1980. The band ended sometime in 1981.

Rich Lovsin went on to start Rhythm Method, renamed Rhythm Corps, in 1981. Halloran moved to Los Angeles to help manage the band, but returned in 1983. Rhythm Corps which would receive a record contract from Sony/Epic, charting several albums and radio singles before the band ended in 1991.

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  1. Richie Lovsin didn’t form Rhythm Corps. He joined almost two years after the band started. Michael Persh and Bobby Schultz formed the band called 33 & the 1/3’s. It became Rhythm Method when Greg Apro joined..Mike Halloran became their manager and Richie was the last to join. When Schultz left the band it became Rhythm Corps.

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