A few short but important updates:

1.) The April 24th, 2020 release show at The Magic Bag has been canceled. The bands, the venue and myself hope to reschedule the show some time this summer or later this year. We’ll keep you updated.

2.) As for the record set, they are supposed to go out in June for the rescheduled Record Store Day. Now, if you’re a band or you gave to the fundraiser, I hope to drop them off or mail them out in the next few weeks. I figure it might be nice for you to have a copy to enjoy during these times.

3.) As for the virus, please check the last update. There are great, credible resources out there that are giving people the right information. Please check and double check before sharing anything on social media about it. We need to keep not only our hands clean but our feeds.

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy,

Rob St. Mary

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