Originally known as JC’s Rock Saloon, a biker bar where a notorious fight broke out at a Traitors/Ramrods show in early 1978, Traxx became a viable bar following a change of ownership around 1980.

Traxx ran as a concert venue until 1987 hosting local and national acts ranging from Rare Earth to Sam & Dave to The Ramones, The Minutemen and the Laughing Hyenas.

A partial listing of shows can be found on the Concert Database.


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12 thoughts on “Traxx

  1. My dad and his band played here in the 80ies several times. Lots of great memories i was told. The band was called The. Mohawk Brothers., they also played at Harpos to.

  2. Ever infamous Live video of the Butthole Surfers, on youtube, entitled “Blind eye sees all” was videotaped over 2 nights, a back to back show over a weekend recorded here. I saw alot of bands there from Black Flag to the Butthole Surfers to the Ramones.

  3. My Dad owned Advance Driving Shcool which was the adjacent business to what was JC’s Saloon or named something else ? This was about 1972. Anyhow, we lived right next to that bar in the back of my dads business and the walls, though brick where not thick enough. And from an early age I would feel, more the hear the blasting of music, a constant vibration of sorts, coming from the other side of that damn wall. That place was a big mystery, I knew some dangerous and exciting things went on there. And it must have had some strange effect on me. Because even at my age now I’m drawn to places like Traxx, Todd’s and City Club.

  4. This club was known for suburban white girls getting picked up by Black Detroit dudes in the 80’s. I know because I was there

  5. We cut out of a high school awards banquet in ‘86 to see The Ramones. We weren’t old enough to get in, but we stood by the screen door on Linnhurst, about 10 feet away from Marky. I remember people packed like lemmings, and you could grill a chicken with the heat coming through that screen door.

  6. Any info on the punk band Slaughterhouse? I had a family member in the band, and found a website that showed their members and gigs they played/bands they opened for, but it’s been taken down.

  7. I played here a bunch in the early 80s. But more importantly, I saw the Ramones (with the Pandoras) for free. That gig should put it right in the hall of fame.

  8. Saw Tommy Tutone, they played 867 -5309 twice during their show, place went reall crazy when they played it the second time around.

  9. I can recall seeing numerous shows there and Todd’s Sway Bar in a drunken state in ‘82 through ‘85, but obviously Detroit being cold in the winter, Traxx always had its heat or water broken or turned off….I can remember one very cold show with no water, only bottled beer was available, and watching Toby Redd being heckled by punks as rich kids and pissing in the back alley since the bathroom was shut down. Underage drinking and local high school kids supported the Detroit music scene in those days.

    1. We’ll never see those kind of unregulated punk shows EVER AGAIN.
      I remember Traxx, Menjou’s, Bookies, and seeing GG Allin at Nunzio’s in ’87. Good times.

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