The Aruba Palace was a venue in Detroit’s Chaldean Town neighborhood – Seven Mile Road between Woodward Avenue and John R. Originally a teen dance club, according to The Gories/The Dirtbombs frontman Mick Collins, it was also known as one of the best discos in Detroit.  The Aruba Palace started hosting bands from the scene in 1979 as Bookie’s was becoming successful. A Detroit Free Press article from around this time claims the club is “dry”, meaning – no alcohol was served, and it was open until 4am. The Concert Database only lists a handful of shows as the venue appears to have returned to its dance club roots before closing at some point in the 1980s. The building and the address appears to no longer exist as Chaldean Town has continued to face abandonment by the original Iraqi Christian population over the decades.

Trivia: The venue is name checked in The Dirtbombs song “I’m Through with White Girls” from the 2001 release “Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit” on the Sympathy for the Record Industry label.

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3 thoughts on “Aruba Palace

  1. It must have been right near the Detroit Fire Department Fire House on 7 Mile near John R, I lived across the street on Exeter. The Gay Paree bar was on the corner. Do I have that right?Ron

    1. You are correct. It wasn’t too far from there if you look at the address. The building is gone from what I understand… such is life in Detroit.

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