Small Update

One of the things I love about telling this story is the pre-punk history of many iconic Detroit venues.

I wanted to share these with you because they are really cool.

Ad for Bookie’s Diplomat from Guest November 1962 (Courtesy of Dave Toorongian)

A guy by the name of Dave Toorongian got in touch with me about magazines he had from the late 1950s through the late 1960s that were given to those visiting Detroit. The two magazines were called “Guest” and “Where”. They featured ads, articles, lists, and calendars for various events, films, shows, live music, burlesque, and other things worth checking out if you happened to be staying at the Statler Hotel or other hotels in the city. (From what I can gather, “Guest” was a small weekly publication created by the Statler for their guests.)

Dave found great ads for Cliff Bell’s featuring Frank Gagen, Frank Gagen’s (later, Bookie’s Club 870), Miami Show Bar (later, New Miami/Old Miami), and even Bookie’s club before Bookie’s Club 870 called The Diplomat.

Check it out – really great graphics and cool mid-century designs including an ad for one of the first drag shows in Detroit.

Bookie’s Club 870 – Ads for Cliff Bell’s, Frank Gagen and Bookie’s Diplomat from late 1950s/early 1960s Detroit visitors magazines.

New Miami – Ad from 1958 Detroit visitors magazine

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