“Face the 80s” was a documentary shot on sound Super 8mm film mostly in 1978 and part of 1979 from inside the punk rock/new wave scene in Detroit. Bands taking part include The Boners, Cinecyde, Coldcock, Destroy All Monsters, Flirt, The Mutants, The Pigs, The Romantics, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, R.U.R., The 27, and others. The documentary concept started with Mark Norton pushing for the idea as he and filmmaker Dana Novak shot various bands along with Chip Sercombe.

The documentary was shot on location at Bookie’s Club 870 as well as Aruba Palace, Second Chance, New Miami, Silver Bird, and Latino Ballroom.

The film also features interviews with various bands between performances including one with CREEM editor Susan Whitall & founding publisher/editor Barry Kramer at the magazine’s Birmingham offices.

The film was credited as copyrighted 1979 Renaissance City Filmworks, a division of Tremor Records – the label owned by Gary Reichel of Cinecyde. “Face the 80s” was connected to Reichel through both his label and his store, Thomas Video, which provided some equipment related to the production and screening of the film.

“Face the 80s” had its premiere screening at Bookie’s Club 870 0n (DATE).

“Face the 80s” is connected to Norton’s later work under the Detroit Punks effort.

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