Formed in 1978 by Livonia-area high school friends, towards the end of their senior year and right after graduation, BADHABIT was influenced by the likes of The New York Dolls, The Stooges, The MC5, and The Dead Boys.

As younger kids on the scene, Barr says he felt more established bands, like The Mutants and Sirius Trixion & The Motor City Bad Boys, showed them the way to do it up on the local scene.  The band dove into the scene quick, after having just a few songs under its belt, thanks to the group’s solid rehearsal schedule according to Barr.

BADHABIT recorded about nine songs in a New York studio as a demo but didn’t release any music during its time.

The band lasted on the Detroit music scene from 1978 to 1981/1982.

Around 1981, some members of the band wanted to move out to L.A. to see if BADHABIT could make it bigger. But, Barr decided he would rather stay in Detroit to pursue an art career – enrolling at the College for Creative Studies with a focus on painting. Barr say BADHABIT broke up officially about a year later with several of the members returning to Detroit from the West Coast. A few years later, guitarist Victor Dawahare had a band called The Railsplitters. The group released an album, “Ridin’ High” on Acetate Records, in 2003.

Barr has gone on to become an internationally renowned illustrator and painter who would later work with Jerry Vile, front man for The Boners, on Fun and Orbit magazines from the mid-1980s through the late 1990s. Barr also has an extensive resume of work in pop culture including rock album covers, tour posters, comic books, and working on the cartoon show Ren & Stimpy.

In April 2022, the Italy label Rave Up Records issued unreleased BADHABIT tracks from 1980-1981 in a limited edition vinyl release.

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7 thoughts on “BADHABIT

  1. What a great Story on these guys!
    Too bad they weren’t around too long,
    They definitely had the rock ‘n’ roll spirit with a punk attitude.

    1. Absolutely, these guys were great live plus they are my friends but they were really really good !!

  2. I personally know these guys and what a great bunch of guys they are and still are and still talk to Danny and John all the time, but the best times were going to see Badhabit play from Nunzios to Bookies you name it we where there and just going to the Badhabit house and the band would play covers tunes and i would sing them and have a total blast and still wish they would release their music, so much great music they did from Jet City and Good Politician, Poke Stroke and Love and She Complained, it’s great music then and still is a must be heard. Hats off to my friends Danny, John , Glenn and Victor for lots of great times and memories. Thanks guys. Wad

  3. My dad was the drummer for this band before Danny stepped in for him. Told me a lot of great stories, such a great group of musicians I hope I can carry on this legacy.

  4. I want to acknowledge Terry Nalian and include him in the story of BADHABIT. Terry was part of the BADHABIT brotherhood, and one of the founding members of the band.

    Terry’s talents on drums were immediately recognized on the scene. In addition to writing and playing with BADHABIT, he was asked to play drums with the SPUTNIKS and did session work with FLIRT at Livonia Sound.

    Terry eventually left BADHABIT, and went on to form Stand Ministries/The Stand Strength Team, traveling over 75,000 miles a year, helping kids with a message of anti-bullying, respecting others, and making the right choices.

    Terry was an excellent musician and a great friend. He will be remembered.

    Rest in peace brother.

  5. Danny BOOM BOOM Smith !

    “There’s a rule in rock n roll that says,’You’re only as good as your drummer’.
    Quoted by Joe Strummer – The Clash

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