Happy New Year! 

I hope this update finds you looking forward to all that 2020 can bring.

I wanted to give you an update on some new images just added to the archive over the past several days.

About 50 images – mostly flyers – have been added to the following bands, venue, and media pages.


The 3-D Invisibles

Algebra Mothers

The Blind

The Cubes

Cult Heroes

Destroy All Monsters

The Denizens


The Ivories


Mr. Unique and the Leisure Class

The Mutants

The Pathetx


The Sillies

Sonic’s Rendezvous Band



Bookie’s Club 870

Clutch Cargo’s


New Miami



St. Andrew’s Hall




WDET’s Radios in Motion


The majority of the flyers are from a collection loaned by Sarah Ostoin. She purchased the collection through an estate sale following the death of Pat “Scruff” Shaw – former guitarist for Almighty Lumberjacks of Death, Murder City Wrecks, and other bands.

Additional images, match books and sheet music, on the Bookie’s Club 870 page related to Beauchamp’s and Frank Gagen are courtesy of the TM Caldwell archive.


The record set is coming together. The materials will be going to the printer over the next week. I will be announcing a release date and other information about it towards the end of January.

Thanks again for checking out the archive – sharing the stories.

CHEERS – Rob St. Mary

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