Welcome to the Detroit Punk Archive!

This site aims to tell the stories of the bands in the scene that started just before and around Bookie’s Club 870 in early 1978.

The site is broken up into THREE main sections: BANDS, VENUES, and MEDIA: 

  • The BANDS section features pages on the various groups that started playing around Bookie’s Club 870.
  • The VENUES section features pages on the various clubs that started around or after Bookie’s started rolling.
  • The MEDIA section features pages on the various outlets that covered the bands.

The site was launched in October 2018. So, some of the bands, venues, and other materials are not completely in place, yet. There’s more to be done – more interviews to do, more flyers & photos to add.

There’s also a way you can help – SHARE! 

Let me know what you have, we can talk, and maybe we can add it to this effort to build a showcase for this scene.

If you have any questions, get in touch!


Rob St. Mary



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