Students and scholars are researching the Detroit Punk Archive. So, I thought I’d share this with you.

About a month ago I got an email out of the blue from Library Science/Archive students at the University of British Columbia in Canada. They were interested in the archive and how it came together for a class assignment. They asked me some questions via email. I responded. They sent me a PDF of the final report as well as notes from their classmates yesterday.
Cover of Assignment by University of British Columbia Students about the Detroit Punk Archive.
Interesting to see how those who research archives and study library science find methodologies in your work when your only guiding focus is to share storytelling, point of view, and explain a certain time in Detroit arts & culture. I might find a way to share it with you soon. But, for now, it’s in my collection related to this project. It’s always an honor when someone notices your work. Thank you Natalie, Nicole and Liz.


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