Sad News & Big Update 

First, the sad news. It was announced that Andy Gill, guitarist and founding member of Gang of Four, died this weekend at the age of 64.

I thought I’d share the flyer image with you for their May 12th, 1980 show at Bookie’s designed by the late, great Detroit artist Gary Grimshaw.

Second, speaking of Bookie’s, I’ve finally completed placing all the flyers for the shows into the calendar rail around the left side of the venue page. That means that you can see every flyer I have for Bookie’s – over 100 different shows and designs.

Previously, I had placed the individual flyers only on the band pages and had just the monthly calendars on the Bookie’s page. Now, they are all there – TAKE A LOOK!

Over the next few weeks, I plan to do the same with all the other venues. So, that way you can see the range of dates and shows at the various clubs.

Other page updates today:

Cadillac Kidz – Flyers

ColdcockFlyers and Photos Courtesy of Gerald Shohan

Cult HeroesInformation & trailer for planned 2016 crowdfunding campaign for a documentary about Hiawatha Bailey, Flyers

New Miami – Link to Metro Times story

Paycheck’sLate 80s magazine ad

St Andrew’s HallLate 80s magazine ads

The Blind – Flyers

The BonersFlyers

The DenizensFlyers

The RomanticsFlyers

The Seatbelts – Flyers

The SilliesFlyers

The 27Flyers

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