Well, you’ve probably heard of the coronavirus by now and it will be causing some delays related to the work here at the Detroit Punk Archive.

I wanted to share a few updates for you about it.

1.) The Radios in Motion Dance Party scheduled for Third Man Records on Saturday evening March 21st, 2020 is CANCELLED.

2.) The release of “End of the Night (1976-1983)” as part of Record Store Day 2020 UK is being delayed until June 20th, 2020 due to the spread of the illness.

3.) Right now, we do not know if our April 24th, 2020 release show will be cancelled or not. The Magic Bag is currently closed and will remain so at least until early April. We’ll know more in a few weeks, we’ll update you then.

4.) Please take care of yourself and each other! This is the most important item on the list. If you want to keep up to date with the best information on the coronavirus outbreak, I advise that you check out the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website as well as the map from Johns Hopkins. The New York Times’s podcast “The Daily” has done some fantastic episodes explaining how this illness came to be, spread, and why we are where we are today. If you’re still looking for that kind of understanding, I recommend it – great listening. The big focus from health officials is that we can all do our part to help slow the spread and keep hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Stay Healthy – Much Love to You & Yours.

Rob St. Mary
Curator – Detroit Punk Archive


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