Originally known as JC’s Rock Saloon, a biker bar where a notorious fight broke out at a Traitors/Ramrods show in early 1978, Traxx became a viable bar following a change of ownership around 1980.

Traxx ran as a concert venue until 1987 hosting local and national acts ranging from Rare Earth to Sam & Dave to The Ramones, The Minutemen and the Laughing Hyenas.

A partial listing of shows can be found on the Concert Database.


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3 thoughts on “Traxx

  1. My dad and his band played here in the 80ies several times. Lots of great memories i was told. The band was called The. Mohawk Brothers., they also played at Harpos to.

  2. Ever infamous Live video of the Butthole Surfers, on youtube, entitled “Blind eye sees all” was videotaped over 2 nights, a back to back show over a weekend recorded here. I saw alot of bands there from Black Flag to the Butthole Surfers to the Ramones.

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