Originally opened in 1974 as Chances Are, the Second Chance hosted notable local and national touring acts including Bob Seger, Stephen Stills, Cheap Trick, and The Ramones.

The Second Chance often hosted Ann Arbor connected Destroy All Monsters and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Only a few Bookie’s bands, such as The Sillies and The Cubes, found their way onto the stage at the Second Chance.

The venue closed for remodeling in 1984, it reopened as The Nectarine Ballroom. Live music continued until 1996 when it was reopened as The Necto, a dance club.

A partial schedule of shows is available at the Concert Database Website for the Chances Are, Second Chance, and The Nectarine Ballroom.

A larger history on the venue can be found at http://www.secondchanceannarbor.com/.

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