We have locked the cover design and I wanted you to be the first to see it.



I decided to keep everything in black & white because the graphics of the era – flyers, 7 inch record covers, etc. – were typically not in color due to expense. I also felt it gave Sue Rynski’s photo the respect it deserves by not drawing the eye away to flashy graphics or colors. I want you to live with the floor of cigarette butts, broken bottles, and his double exposure face – take it in, think about what happened there that night, every night.

The title is based on the photo. But, I also see it as reflecting the era. After the big explosion of Detroit music around the Grande, things got dark for local bands to play original music with few places to play and get music released. Then, when this scene started to draw, things changed as more bars and clubs opened for original bands.

The cover was designed by my old friend and bandmate Chris Urbanski. He also designed this archive website.

The record comes out in April. I’ll have more details on that soon.

Once again – thank you for your support of the project.

Have a great holiday and New Years!


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6 thoughts on “UPDATES – DECEMBER 19th, 2019

  1. This nails it, perfectly. It is very close to the image I have in my memory of the whole scene. A lot was heard from bands on both coasts and from England. It is my conviction that the Detroit bands bested all comers. No studio musicians were used. Every Detroit band banged it out themselves.
    Well done, all.
    Don McAlpine

    1. Thanks, Don. Looking forward to sharing these tracks – about half of them have never been released. Cheers!

  2. This is true artistic love and expression. You couldn’t have picked a better photogag or artist to design the layout. Very urban cool/darkness/sin. I just hope all the tracks rock well. A lot of material for people to digest. Is there going to be a record pressing party or record release at Third Man?

    1. Not sure on the release party, yet. But, you’ll know as soon as I get the details together. Comes out in April.

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